Isabel's Car Wash Lesson for Grades 4-6

Isabel's Car Wash Book Cover

Students are introduced to the roles of entrepreneur and investor in the context of starting a business through the book Isabel's Car Wash. After discussing the story, students are divided into entrepreneur and investor groups for a business startup simulation.

In this simulation, each entrepreneur group uses a business plan and pitch to sell its idea to the investor groups. Each investor group decides on a business to invest in with the money allotted to the group and negotiates a profit percentage with the entrepreneur.

•  Lesson (pdf)

•  Q&A (pdf)

Parents: View the Q&A using Isabel's Car Wash.

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 4, 5, and 6.

Book written by Sheila Bair (ISBN: 978-0807536537).

This book is available on for free to schools and students with reading barriers.


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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Literature
Concepts: Entrepreneurship Sources of Income Risk Taxes
Resource Types: Lesson
Languages: English
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