Interactive Syllabus

The Econ Lowdown Interactive Syllabus will change the way you engage your students.

  1. Join. Register at

  2. Add. Create your classroom, add your students' names and email addresses (provided your students are 13 years old or older), and share login information with your class.

  3. Build. Choose resources and create custom content. Arrange your syllabus by date or simply by moving content up and down a list.

  4. Publish. When your syllabus is perfected, publish it so your students can get started.

  5. Interact. Your students will access all resources, their progress, and their grades through links on the syllabus.

Learn more about Econ Lowdown and watch a tutorial.


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Education Level: Pre-K-5 6-8 9-12
Subjects: Economics Personal Finance
Resource Types: Online Module
Languages: English
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