GDP and Pizza: Economics for Life Online Module for Teachers and Students

GDP and Pizza: Economics for Life is designed to help students in civics, economics and other social studies classes grasp challenging economic content – and to explain why these topics are important for citizens to understand.


The module includes numerous interactive checks for understanding, video clips of a Fed economist explaining concepts and everyday examples that will make sense to students. In addition, students complete a pre- and post-test to assess learning.

Section One covers:

  • the definition Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • the components of GDP
  • per capita GDP

Section Two covers:

  • real vs. nominal GDP
  • levels vs. percentage change
  • importance of a growing economy
  • trend growth rate
  • uses for GDP data
  • automatic stabilizers

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This lesson received the 2015 Curriculum Gold Award from the National Association of Economic Educators.
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Education Level: 9-12 College
Subjects: Civics/Government AP Economics Economics
Concepts: Gross Domestic Product/GDP Fiscal Policy
Resource Types: Online Module
Languages: English
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