Fiscal Policy Online Modules for Non-educators

Economic concepts such as inflation, unemployment, recession, and economic growth affect people in real ways. In two interactive modules, learn about the basics of fiscal policy, the avenue by which Congress and the president attempt to influence the economy, including the policy tools Congress and the president use.

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Fiscal Policy: The Basics of Taxation and Government Spending

You may have heard the term fiscal policy. Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about the federal government, unemployment, inflation, recessions, or even gross domestic product (GDP). The meaning of these terms might be fuzzy now, but by the end of this module, you will know what they mean and how they are related.

Fiscal Policy Online Module: Tools for Influencing the Economy

You've probably heard people talking about unemployment, inflation, recessions, or even gross domestic product (GDP). Chances are, you know something about how those economic concepts are related. Government policy actions affect the economy. This module will teach you what fiscal policy tools are and how the federal government uses fiscal policy tools to affect economic conditions.

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Education Level: Non-educators
Subjects: Economics Civics/Government
Concepts: Fiscal Policy Role of Government Taxes
Resource Types: Online Module
Languages: English
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