Education Resources Recommended by Diego Mendez-Carbajo

Diego Mendez-Carbajo is a senior economic education specialist at the St. Louis Fed. Diego's favorite resources are listed below.

FRED® and Data Literacy

10 FRED Activities in 10 Minutes

The FRED database allows users to combine and display data with an easy-to-master mix of online tools. Take a 10-minute guided tour of FRED and learn how to customize, save, and share a graph of economic data.

Keeping It Real: Teach ACRL Information Literacy Frames with FRED Data

In this activity, students first learn about the concepts of nominal and real values and inflation. Then they learn about basic strategies for establishing the reliability of a data source. Students work in FRED to plot inflation-adjusted minimum wage rates for two states and then discuss the new information created as a result of their work.

The Composition Effect

This lesson is part of the Data Literacy series, which was created to help university and secondary school librarians and other faculty members teach students how to reliably identify, interpret, and communicate data.

Data Units in FRED

FRED provides access to data on a wide range of topics. Depending on the topic, a specific type of data unit can help tell the story behind the numbers. This Page One Economics Data Primer describes the range of data units available in FRED for new data users and can serve as a reference for advanced data users.


Women in Economics Podcast Series

Less than a third of the students who graduate with bachelor’s degrees in economics are women. That percentage of women further dwindles as careers in economics advance. The Women in Economics Podcast Series highlights the studies and careers of those making their marks in the field of economics.

Circular Flow

This video from our Economic Lowdown series explains the circular flow model. Learn how households and businesses interact in the market for resources and in the market for goods and services, and see how money keeps the whole process moving.

Adjusting for Inflation

As inflation raises the overall price level in an economy, the purchasing power of the dollar decreases and both borrowing and lending costs increase. The January 2023 issue of Page One Economics discusses how price indexes can be used to transform nominal wages and interest rates into real, or inflation-adjusted, values.

Labor force participation rates of armed forces veterans

Between 2000 and 2020, the proportion of female veterans in the labor force was significantly higher than that of male veterans. This FRED Blog Reading Q&A describes the presence of men and women veterans in the labor market. We discuss how, due to the composition effect, the average labor force participation rate across genders does not accurately reflect the experience of women veterans.


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