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Branch Educator Advisory Boards - Little Rock and Louisville

Members of the Educator Advisory Boards strengthen the Branch’s connections to schools and universities through contact with teachers, administration, professors, and department of education representatives. Members provide invaluable feedback about materials, programming and opportunities to provide professional growth for teachers. Members help economics education staff stay in close contact with best practices and trends in education at the classroom and administration levels.


Little Rock Branch Educator Advisory Board, 2019 | St. Louis Fed

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Little Rock Branch Educator Advisory Board
Back row from left: Calvin Thomas, Johnny Caststeel, Jason Sanders, Kris Bertelsen, David Gay, Judy Ward, Dave Massery, Jan Loyd
Front row from left: Deborah Seay, Val Hard, Jessica Guo (intern), Annette Sterl, Sheri Shepherd, Tamme Adams


Louisville Branch Education Advisory Board | St. Louis Fed

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Louisville Branch Educator Advisory Board
From left: David Perkis, Audrey Rich (intern), Dana Kelly, Jill Hahn, Gary Stratton, David Mayse
Not pictured: Danny Blaser, Jay Brandi, Marie Bussing, John Finch, Beth Fuller, Jennifer Glaser, Cathy Jackson, Laquita Lee, Daria Sevastianova, Mary Pat Sexton, Catherine Timmerman, Lynn Usher, Jeffrey Sanson

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