Ella's Adventures Online Modules for Grades 2-4

It's never too soon to begin teaching basic financial concepts, such as human capital, decision-making, saving, and using credit, to young students. Ella's Adventures allow your students to follow young Ella as she learns important life lessons.

Ella Saves Today Online Module

Young children are not likely to think past their piggy banks when it comes to safe places to set money aside for those special items. In this short module, they'll learn that a bank account offers security and a return on savings.

Give Ell Credit Online Module

Using some form of credit is a necessity for most adults. Unfortunately, some misuse credit, and the consequences can be devastating. The earlier young people learn about credit, the more likely they are to use it responsibly as adults. Read and listen to this story to learn what credit is, why people use credit, and how interest can affect the final cost of a good or service when bought on credit.

Invest in Yourself

"Human capital" refers to the knowledge and skills that people obtain through education, experience, and training. You invest in your human capital through education, on-the-job training, and practice. Read and listen to this story to learn why school and studying is valuable in helping to grow your human capital.

Once Upon a Decision Online Module

How do you make tough decisions? Do you take a guess at the correct solution? Do you ask someone else to make the decision for you? Do you simply use "eeny, meeny, miney, mo?" Read and listen to this story about Ella, who has decisions to make, and learn about the tool that helps Ella solve her problems.

These online modules are designed for teaching grades 2, 3, and 4.



This lesson received the 2019 Curriculum Gold Award of Excellence from the National Association of Economic Educators.
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