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Demonstrating the Distribution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Using Patent Data and a Mapping Tool: GeoFRED® Marks the Spot

Students learn about innovation, the distribution of innovation across the country, and what can be patented. Working in groups, they examine patents and consider the changes the patents brought. They then use a mapping program and interpret data from that map to consider how local resources promote innovation.

Please note: This lesson is currently unavailable and under revision.

Objectives: Students will be able to

  • define innovation,
  • define patents as protection of intellectual property,
  • explain how patents promote entrepreneurship,
  • interpret a map of patents assignments by county, and
  • explain the relationship between education, research institutions, and the frequency of patents and innovation.

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Audience:   Middle School, High School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Civics/Government, Economics, Data Literacy, Career and Technical Education
Resource Types:   Lessons, Data, Charts/Graphs
Concepts:   Entrepreneurship