Sneak-a-nomics Digital Badge Program

Elementary school teachers: How do elementary-aged students benefit from learning economics? Can you “sneak” it into the subjects you already teach? Here’s a professional development opportunity to learn how—and earn a digital badge for doing it. Become a Sneak-a-nomics Pioneer and receive, at no cost, a digital badge issued by Credly certifying your achievement.

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  • Sneak-a-nomics

    Listen to teacher Erin Boettcher and economic educator Bonnie Meszaros talk about the value of teaching economics in the elementary classroom and how you can integrate this instruction into the subjects you already teach. After the module, answer a few questions, review some grade-appropriate resources and take a survey to help us with our next steps in the Sneak-a-nomics series. You’ll earn a Sneak-a-nomics Pioneer digital badge that you can display in social media or your email signature.



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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Economics Personal Finance Professional Development
Resource Types: Digital Badge
Languages: English
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