Community Education Partners

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has a Community Education Partners program. Your school, school district, or organization can become a Community Education Partner.

Schools or school districts can become partners by

  • allowing faculty to participate in Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis professional development programs either at the bank or as in-service at your school or school district,
  • including St. Louis Fed materials in your curricula, and
  • placing a link to the St. Louis Fed website on your school or school district website.

Organizations can become partners by helping us reach schools and school districts with our curricular materials.

Our Partners include:

Read about the importance of investing in human capital in the essay Invest in Human Capital to Build a Better Future, from our 2016 annual report. Included in the essay is a video with members of a carpenters' union talking about building their human capital by using our training materials on personal finance.

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