Clifford and the Big Storm Lesson for Grades 1-3

Clifford and the Big Storm book cover

Teach risk using the book “Clifford and the Big Storm.”

Students are read a series of two options and are asked to decide which options are more dangerous. They then learn about risk and how to prevent or reduce risk by taking precautions. Next they listen to a story about risk, where Clifford, the big red dog, helps reduce the risk of danger by taking precautions. After the story, the students complete a story sequencing activity based on Clifford’s actions. Finally, they recognize that Clifford does not exist in the real world and talk about people in their families and communities that help protect them from risk.


Students will be able to

  • define risk,
  • explain that risk is an unavoidable part of everyday life, and
  • identify ways to prevent or reduce risk.

Essential Question

What makes something risky?

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 1, 2, and 3.

Book written by Norman Bridwell / ISBN 978-0-590-25755-8.

This book is available on for free to schools and students with reading barriers.


This lesson received the 2017 Curriculum Gold Award from the National Association of Economic Educators.
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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Economics Personal Finance Literature
Concepts: Risk
Resource Types: Lesson SMART/Promethean/Whiteboard
Languages: English
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