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Classroom ECONnections from the Fed

The Classroom ECONnections from the Fed webinar series allows educators from across the country to connect with economic and personal finance education experts from the Federal Reserve System to hear about and discuss content and materials for improving classroom instruction in personal finance and economics. The session topics vary and are of interest to K-12 teachers and administrators. All sessions are free, but registration is required.

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Participate in a live webinar. Registration is simple and free. You will be provided with a link to join the webinar feature. If you prefer, you may simply listen in (without interaction) to the session as an audioconference; all you need is a telephone to access the live conference call via a toll-free number provided, and a web connection to view the speakers’ presentations. Each 60-minute session will generally feature 30-45 minutes of speaker presentations, followed by an interactive Q&A period. Both the audio and the presentation for each session are archived on this site.

Watch video archive from past webinars:

Episode 1: Resources for Teaching High School Economics Courses
Presenters from the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and St. Louis introduce and feature resources that can be used to teach high school economics classes.

Episode 2: Resources for Teaching Money and Banking in High School Classrooms
High school educators who teach about money and banking in economics, U.S. history or AP U.S. history courses will find this webinar useful, which suggests key resources from the Federal Reserve System.

Episode 3: Learn to Link to Your Econ Ed Resources
Economic education experts will point you to a variety of free materials to enhance your teaching of personal finance content and to better engage your students.

Episode 4: Resources for Teaching History and Economics
This webinar feature resources that can be used to integrate history and economics in high school classrooms.

Episode 5: Elementary Economic Education with Children's Books
Are you an elementary teacher looking for literacy resources that will allow you to teach personal finance and economics? This webinar is designed to connect you with resources for teaching economics and personal finance to children pre-K through 6th grade.

Episode 6: College and Career Resources
Middle and high school teachers, learn about resources that you can use to teach about exploring careers, investing in human capital, saving for college, completing the FAFSA form, navigating financial aid, and more.

Episode 7: Teaching Fiscal and Monetary Policy
High school social studies teachers, are you looking for some great resources for your economics and government courses to help your students understand fiscal and monetary policy? Economic education experts point you to a variety of materials to enhance your instruction and better engage your students.

Episode 8: Developing "Kidpreneurs" with Resources for Elementary Educators
Equip yourself with engaging ways to teach entrepreneurship using resources from several Federal Reserve banks. The featured resources will cover a variety of entrepreneurial concepts such as consumers, producers, price and risk. They will also help students hone their problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity skills.

Episode 9: Personal Finance Resources for the High School Classroom
Learn about the many resources from the Federal Reserve you can use in your high school classroom to teach personal finance.

Episode 10: Getting to Know the Fed: Teaching about the Federal Reserve
Learn about classroom resources that you can use to engage your students as they learn about the Federal Reserve and what it does.

Episode 11: Something New, Something New: Resources for Elementary and Middle School Educators
Recharge your elementary and middle school classrooms with engaging ways to teach economics and personal finance using new standards-based materials from several Federal Reserve banks.

Episode 12: What Research Says Students Don't Know about Personal Finance
Research shows that students know some personal finance before taking a course on the subject, but have little prior knowledge on some personal finance topics. The gaps provide opportunities to increase students' knowledge. To help you, we feature free, classroom-ready resources from around the Federal Reserve System.

Teachers: Learn even more about our resources with the Econ Lowdown Webinar Series.

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Subjects:   Economics, Personal Finance
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