Classroom ECONnections from the Fed Webinar Series

The Classroom ECONnections from the Fed webinar series allows educators from across the country to connect with economic and personal finance education experts from the Federal Reserve System to hear about and discuss content and materials for improving classroom instruction in personal finance and economics. The session topics vary and are of interest to K-12 teachers and administrators. All sessions are free, but registration is required.

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Participate in a live webinar. Registration is simple and free. You will be provided with a link to join the webinar feature. If you prefer, you may simply listen in (without interaction) to the session as an audioconference; all you need is a telephone to access the live conference call via a toll-free number provided, and a web connection to view the speakers’ presentations. Each 60-minute session will generally feature 30-45 minutes of speaker presentations, followed by an interactive Q&A period. Both the audio and the presentation for each session are archived on this site.

Watch video archive from past webinars. The most recently posted videos are listed first.

Past, Present, Future - Middle School Resources
The Federal Reserve banks of Dallas, Philadelphia, and St. Louis collaborated to present middle school resources from around the Federal Reserve System. Topics included are new online activities for teaching about Benjamin Franklin and paper money, and about Alexander Hamilton, current topics in middle school personal finance, and a resource that allows students to examine various careers, evaluate different education opportunities after high school, research the cost of postsecondary education, and imagine their own path to success.
This webinar was recorded Nov. 12, 2020.

Getting Entrepreneurial: In Person, Hybrid, or Online
These classroom-ready resources will help you differentiate your instruction and engage students in content and new ways to teach entrepreneurship and related topics. Targeted toward high school and college students, the resources featured make excellent additions to social studies, classes courses as well as personal finance and economics.
This webinar was recorded Sept. 23, 2020.

Have Your Courses Gone Digital? Free Resources to Enhance Student Learning
Build your repertoire for middle and high school classrooms with engaging ways to teach history, economics, and personal finance. With digital resources including publications, interactive lessons, videos, and primary source documents from around the Federal Reserve System, you’ll be ready to teach some of the country’s most important events.
This webinar was recorded April 22, 2020.

Spring Forward With Free Resources For Elementary Educators
Recharge your elementary classrooms with engaging ways to teach economics and personal finance using resources from several Federal Reserve banks. Specialists from the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland, Kansas City, and St. Louis explore new elementary classroom resources including online courses and videos, classroom-ready activities, and more.
This webinar was recorded March 5, 2020.

Cultural Relevance in the Classroom: Connecting Students' Perspectives to Content
Learn about Federal Reserve System education resources that engage and benefit elementary and middle school students of all backgrounds. Discover resources and materials that can help cultivate a healthy learning environment for students diverse in a variety of ways, including by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Targeted toward K-8 students, the lessons are suited to more than personal finance and economics courses including social studies, history, or geography classes.
This webinar was recorded Sept. 26, 2019.

What Research Says Students Don't Know about Personal Finance
Research shows that students know some personal finance before taking a course on the subject, but have little prior knowledge on some personal finance topics. The gaps provide opportunities to increase students' knowledge. To help you, we feature free, classroom-ready resources from around the Federal Reserve System.
This webinar was recorded April 10, 2019.

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