Cards, Cars, and Currency Online Course for Teachers and Students

Cards, Cars and Currency:  Managing Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Buying a Car

Cards, Cars and Currency is a set of personal finance programs that encourages participants to learn about three areas of personal finance: credit cards, debit cards and purchasing a car. Cards, Cars and Currency includes five individual programs that can be used together or individually to enhance personal finance learning.

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Lesson 1: Keep the Currency

In this program, participants play a game to test their current level of financial knowledge. They explain the importance of financial literacy and explain the importance of taking responsibility for personal financial decisions.

Lesson 2: The Credit Card Deal

In this program, participants learn about credit card usage and credit card consumer protection laws. By the end of the program they will be able to analyze the terms of credit cards and recognize what it means to use credit cards responsibly. They will understand the cost of credit and be able to analyze credit card disclosures and credit card statements.

Lesson 3: Banking on Debit Cards

In this program, participants learn the importance of taking responsibility for personal finances, describe advantages and disadvantages of standard overdraft services, analyze the consequences of not being responsible in keeping a current bank account balance, explain the importance of maintaining records of deposits, withdrawals and payments from bank accounts and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different card-payment methods.

Lesson 4: The Car Deal Package

In this program, participants analyze the price of consumer credit; identify the factors that affect the total price for a car including the interest rate, the length of a contract and the size of a down payment. They learn to evaluate the costs and benefits of car purchase options, and analyze a car contract.

Lesson 5: A Penny Saved

In this program, participants learn the difference between gross and net pay, evaluate their financial literacy skills, explain the importance of financial literacy and explain the importance of taking responsibility for personal financial decisions.

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