Attacking Financial Panics: Panic of 1893 Activity for Grades 8-12

Teach banks and money with the “Attacking Financial Panics” activity.

Students will use the Attacking Financial Panics Puzzle Guide to connect events and gain understanding of what triggers financial panics and apply that learning to the Panic of 1893.

The guide identifies four common triggers of financial panics:

  • unstable currency,
  • excessive speculation,
  • weakness of the banking structure and regulations,
  • and concern about public finance and government debt.

Students examine a PDF of “Economic Conditions of 1892-1894,” excerpts from 75 Years of American Finance: A Graphic Presentation, 1861 to 1935, which is a timeline, and record their findings. The activity includes teacher talking points and an assessment.


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Education Level: 9-12 6-8
Subjects: Economics History
Concepts: Banks Money
Resource Types: Activity C3 Framework
Languages: English
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