A ''Standard'' Personal Finance Curriculum

A “Standard” Personal Finance Curriculum is designed as a high school personal finance course. It is divided into seven units that address the six National Standards for Financial Literacy and a standard on decisionmaking, respectively. Each unit includes a description, talking points, and links to recommended resources for teaching the given standard, along with a selection of supplemental resources. The talking points are introductory comments and information about the content for each unit. Recommended resources include lessons, videos, and online modules. Thus, the curriculum is designed with flexibility for teachers to select the individual resources that best meet the needs of their classes. The curriculum also includes a glossary of terms and a matrix that aligns all of the recommended and supplemental resources with the national standards.


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Education Level: 9-12
Subjects: Personal Finance
Concepts: Budget/Money Management Saving Credit Decision-Making Income Insurance Spending Consumer Protection
Resource Types: Instructional Guide
Languages: English