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Hamilton's Central Bank–Then and Now

Join us on Aug. 4th at 2:00 p.m. for this webinar, Hamilton's Central Bank-Then and Now

Keynote Presentation by Niel Willardson

The recent televised release of Broadway's hit musical "Hamilton" has created a renewed interest in the life and accomplishments of the main character—Alexander Hamilton. Not only did he play an important role during the Revolutionary War and the framing of the Constitution, Hamilton also envisioned and formed the First Bank of the United States, the precursor of today's Federal Reserve System.

Join us for an informative virtual presentation by Niel Willardson, senior vice president and general counsel at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Willardson will lead a creative and engaging discussion on Hamilton's life, his influence on the Federal Reserve, and the infamous duel that took his life. A Q&A session will follow Willardson's presentation.