8 From the Eighth: Manufactured Homes – Viable, Affordable Housing and Asset-Building Tool for LMI Families

Sept. 1, 2015

Manufactured Homes – Viable, Affordable Housing and Asset-Building Tool for LMI Families, Doug Ryan (CFED) (16:45)

This podcast with Doug Ryan, Director of Affordable Housing Initiatives at CFED, examines the emergence of manufactured housing as a viable homeownership option for low- and moderate-income (LMI) Americans who want to build wealth.

This is the right time for this evolution for several reasons. Today, the economy and housing markets continue to rebound from the havoc brought on by the Great Recession. Policymakers are seeking ways to reformat government-sponsored enterprises, the Federal Housing Administration and consumer protections.

The manufactured housing industry is generating a new innovative mixture of tools and oversight to develop high-quality housing at reasonable prices. And the lack of wage growth for many Americans requires new ideas for housing options across the country.

The evolution of manufactured housing has shown that, when done right, the industry offers an affordable, energy-efficient, scalable and appreciating housing alternative to traditional stick-built homes.


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