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Exploring Innovation 2007

Conference Program (PDF)
Guide to create your own cafe experience (PDF)
Innovation Cafe Presentation Slides (PPT)
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Audio Files

William Poole, president and chief executive officer
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

How Breakthroughs Happen
Andrew Hargadon, professor
University of California, Davis

Small Sparks, Big Ideas
Keith Sawyer, professor
Washington University in St. Louis

Innovation in Community Development
Doris Koo, president and chief executive officer
Enterprise Community Partners

Breakfast with Mark
Mark Pinsky, president and chief executive officer Opportunity Finance Network

Innovation in the Nation
Sandra Braunstein, director
Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
John Talmage, president and chief executive officer
Social Compact
Robert Weissbourd, president
RW Ventures

Broadband as Key Facilitator of Community Economic Development
Thomas Door, undersecretary
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Sustaining Innovation: The Four Pillars of Social Change
Paul C. Light, professor
New York University