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Event Drilldown Materials

Oct. 31, 2011


The St. Louis Fed was the site of the release of the St. Louis Neighborhood Market DrillDown, an assets-based approach to market research that combines numerous data sets—public and private, national and local—to build an up-to-date set of community economic indicators tailored to the strengths of urban neighborhoods. Using new data and using it differently can provide a more accurate description than traditional approaches of the size (population), strength (income and buying power), stability (homeownership and residential investment) and investment opportunity of a given neighborhood.

This event featured the initial data release of the Neighborhood DrillDown Market Study for St. Louis City and North St. Louis County, prepared by Social Compact—a national nonprofit corporation based in Washington, D.C. Participants attended presentations, heard from a response panel, and joined in-depth discussions about the ways in which using this new data differently can assist in building a more sustainable and equitable St. Louis.

Conference Materials:

Summary of Conference Proceedings

Download: Summary (PDF)

Recorded Video

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Agenda and Bios

Download: Agenda (PDF) | Bios (PDF)

Speaker Presentations

Data! What Is it Good For?
Timothy Bray, The University of Texas at Dallas: Presentation (PDF)

Data Enlightens and Ignites Ideas
Faith Sandler, The Scholarship Foundation: Presentation (PDF)
Timothy Breihan, H3 Studio: Presentation (PDF)
Laverne Carter, REESI Inc.: Presentation (PDF)

The St. Louis Neighborhood Market DrillDown
Stephen Acree, Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance and
Eric Friedman, Housing and Community Solutions: Presentation (PDF)
Alyssa Lee, Social Compact: Presentation (PDF)

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