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2011 Exploring Innovation Presentation of Fed Prize and Innovation Award

Presentation of Fed Prize & Innovation Award

Introduction: Daniel Davis, Community Development Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Awards Presenter: Yvonne Sparks, Senior Manager, Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

CD Finance Competition

Before the conference, students from the partnering Federal Reserve districts submitted academic research papers with recommendations to advance the New Markets Tax Credit program. The three students with the best proposals presented their recommendations as a panel at the conference. The winner of the "Fed Prize"—a summer internship at either the Minneapolis or St. Louis Feds—was announced.

Winner: Katie Codey, University of Georgia

Runner-up: Guncha Jumakuliyeva, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Runner-up: Nahoko Sato, Washington University in St. Louis

2011 Innovation Award

This award was formally presented to a community development corporation (CDC) that recognizes the green economy as an important aspect of the future of community development and has demonstrated a commitment to fund initiatives promoting affordable green building or green job creation. The winner received a full scholarship generously provided by NeighborWorks America to one of its Training Institute education programs, including travel, lodging and tuition (a $2,500-$3,000 value). Additionally, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provided the recipient with a full scholarship, including travel and lodging, to attend and receive the award at the conference.

Introduction: Steve Hermes, NeighborWorks America

Winner: homeWORD, Heather McMilin
View featured homeWORD video at .

Runner-up: St. Louis County Office of Community Development

Runner-up: Habitat for Humanity St. Louis