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Reserve Administration

As outlined in Regulation D, many depository institutions are required to maintain balances in their reserve account (reserve balance requirement). Many depository institutions are also eligible to receive interest on their reserve account balances. The St. Louis Fed’s Reserve Administration staff monitors institutions’ reserve accounts to ensure that these institutions keep sufficient daily balances.

Reserve Administration Documents:

  • The Reserves Central site provides resources and tools to help financial institutions manage their balances to satisfy reserve balance requirements.
  • The Reserve Maintenance Manual (PDF) sets out the fundamental rules of reserve calculation and account maintenance for depository institutions that file FR 2900 with the Federal Reserve.
  • The Account Management Guide is a comprehensive reference guide for financial institutions that manage reserve accounts. It outlines the basics of the Federal Reserve Bank account structure, concepts of reserve calculation and maintenance, terminology, tools and other specific information related to the ongoing administration of reserve accounts.

Term Deposit Facility

The Term Deposit Facility (TDF) is a program under which the Federal Reserve offers term deposits to institutions that are eligible to receive interest on the balances they maintain at the Reserve Banks. An eligible institution may place funds at its Reserve Bank in a term deposit for an agreed upon number of days and reduce the amount of reserves it holds. Visit the Term Deposit Facility Resource Center to learn more.

New Accounts

A Financial Institution may apply to open a Master Account and/or obtain Federal Reserve Services with the Federal Reserve Bank in the Federal Reserve District in which the Financial Institution is located, which is also known as its Administrative Reserve Bank (ARB).

Account Maintenance Resources

  • My Fed Directory provides a customized list of Federal Reserve Financial Services support contacts, including your account executive.