Financial and Regulatory Reporting

The Federal Reserve collects and processes regulatory and financial information submitted by District institutions via a series of mandatory and voluntary reporting forms. These reports include:

  • quarterly balance sheet and income statements (also known as call reports), along with their accompanying schedules, which are filed by state member banks and BHCs;
  • data on mortgage applications, approvals and denials as required under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA); and
  • deposit data, which is used to construct monetary aggregates and to determine depository institutions' levels of required reserves.

The data from many of these reports can be accessed through the Board of Governors' National Information Center (NIC).

Other Helpful Reporting Resources:

  • Application Filing Information — This web site from the Board of Governors contains general information about the types of filings required by the Federal Reserve and how they are processed.
  • FIND — This web site, which is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC and OCC, was created to support the Call Report Modernization Initiative and is geared toward both bankers and software vendors.

Banking and Economic Data

  • Eighth District Banking Markets — use CASSIDI®, the St. Louis Fed's online banking competition application to find banking market definitions and perform "what if" (pro forma) HHI analyses.
  • FRED® —This tool allows you to download data in Microsoft® Excel and text formats and to view charts of data series.