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Jason J. Buol

Graduate Student of Economics
University of Missouri at St. Louis

Publications & Resources

  • What Is Driving Oil Prices? Real-world Demand and Supply

    Spring 2005 | Inside the Vault

    If your wallet felt a lot lighter every time you filled up your car with gasoline in 2004, it's not surprising. During the second half of 2004, the futures and spot prices of oil reached record levels in today's dollars, not adjusted for the effects of inflation. To what extent are higher prices the result of supply and demand factors? How much has speculation affected oil prices?

  • What's Driving Oil Prices?

    Spring 2005 | Central Banker

  • What Is Driving Oil Prices?

    January 2005 | Regional Economist

    Because of the record high spot and futures prices for oil in 2004, economists are once again trying to fully understand all of the driving factors behind the jumps in price.  Besides supply and demand, speculation is drawing a lot of attention these days.

  • Budget Deficits and Interest Rates: What Is the Link?

    Summer 2004 | Central Banker

    Economist Edward Nelson and Research Associate Jason Buol explain why warnings about the consequences over budget deficits, while not new, have shifted over time.

  • Rules vs. Discretion: The Wrong Choice Could Open the Floodgates

    January 2003 | Regional Economist

    Anyone who sets any kind of policy can appreciate the dilemma that faces those trying to prevent construction in floodplains: Is it better to stick to the rules—no matter how harsh—or to exercise discretion under certain circumstances?