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David Wiczer

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Publications & Resources

  • Disability Rate Exceeds Nation's; Problem Is Worse in Rural Areas

    First Quarter 2017 | Regional Economist

    More than 4 percent of the people in the District are “on disability,” receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, vs. 2.6 percent for the rest of the country. Rural counties in the District have higher rates than do metro areas.

  • "Where's the Wage Pressure?"

    January 2015 | Regional Economist

    As the unemployment rate declines, many people assume that the average wage in the U.S. will increase. However, the average doesn't move that fast over a single business cycle. And any movement over the long term is more in favor of high-wage earners than low-wage earners.

  • Looking at Recessions through a Different Lens

    October 2014 | Regional Economist

    Traditionally, research about recessions focused on the big picture—how the overall economy was performing. But recent economic studies have looked at the impact on specific groups. One of the interesting findings is that the highest earners are, by some measures, the most affected by recessions.

  • Youth Unemployment Notably High in Southern Europe

    April 2014 | Regional Economist

    In the U.S., the unemployment rate for those under 25 hovers around 14 percent, even though the Great Recession has been over for five years. In some European countries, the rate is three times higher.

  • Job Searching: Some Methods Yield Better Results than Others

    January 2014 | Regional Economist

    Is one method of searching for a job better than another? Do job seekers change their approach when a recession hits?