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Brett W. Fawley

Research Associate
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Publications & Resources

  • Quantitative Easing: Lessons We've Learned

    July 2012 | Regional Economist

    To gauge quantitative easing’s long-run viability as effective monetary policy, it is crucial to understand its impact on long-term interest rates.

  • When Oil Prices Jump, Is Speculation To Blame?

    April 2012 | Regional Economist

    Whenever the price at the pump climbs week after week, people start pointing fingers at investment banks, hedge funds and other speculators. This article quantifies the role that speculation played in the rise of oil prices during the past decade.

  • Why Health Care Matters and the Current Debt Does Not

    October 2011 | Regional Economist

    All of the attention given to raising the debt ceiling this past summer might lead some to believe that spending by the federal government only recently became unsustainable.  Hardly.  We've been on this path a long time.

  • Commodity Price Gains: Speculation vs. Fundamentals

    July 2011 | Regional Economist

    Commodities of all sorts have risen in price over the past few years.  Some say that the prices reflect a bubble, driven by low interest rates and excessive speculation.  Others say the price gains can be fully explained by supply and demand. 

  • Why "Fixing" China's Currency Is No Quick Fix

    April 2011 | Regional Economist

    Even if China does revalue its currency, jobs aren’t likely to come flooding back to the United States. Much of what China exports to the U.S. originates in other Asian countries.

  • Mexico's Oportunidades Program Fails to Make the Grade in NYC

    July 2010 | Regional Economist

    A program that pays poor, rural Mexican families to keep their children in school didn’t translate well to New York City. The latter’s version will end this summer.