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The COVID-19 Economy: How the Pandemic Defined 2020

The COVID-19 Economy: How the Pandemic Defined 2020

The St. Louis Fed’s 2020 annual report offers in-depth analyses of the economic impacts wrought by COVID-19 as studied by the Bank’s research economists. From helping to inform monetary policy to providing expert insights on the pandemic’s real-time economic effects, the Bank’s published research and COVID-19 resources offer a historical record of a pivotal time in our nation’s history.

Our 2020 report also includes messages from Bank leadership. In the President’s Message, Jim Bullard explains how monetary and fiscal policies have been significant and effective in mitigating the past year’s economic shocks. The chair of our board of directors, Suzanne Sitherwood, notes in the Chair’s Message how the Bank quickly adapted during the pandemic to serve the Fed’s Eighth District—from keeping cash in circulation to supporting the U.S. Treasury’s COVID-19 relief payments. In Our People, Our Work, Bullard and First Vice President Kathy Paese reaffirm the Bank's commitment to fostering an economy that works for everyone. As in past years, this section features a "by the numbers" snapshot of the St. Louis Fed's work on behalf of the District.

Published on April 7, 2021

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