Pieces of Eight: News Bulletins from the Eighth Federal Reserve District

January 01, 1998

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North and South: Unions Divide District (1996)

District State Rank among 50 States % of Workers Covered by Unions
Illinois 8 21.5%
Missouri 21 16.8
Indiana 23 16.1
Kentucky 25 14.1
Tennessee* 34 11.1
Arkansas* 44 8.4
Mississippi* 45 8.1
National Average   16.2

*right-to-work state

SOURCE: Bureau of National Affairs, based on data from the 1997 Current Population Survey

New Year Brings New Format for Monetary Trends

Monetary Trends, a St. Louis Fed publication that reports monthly data on the money supply, interest rates and commercial bank loans and investments, now boasts an expanded format. The revamped publication features both a broader selection of data and additional charts, making the information easier to comprehend and interpret.

The changes to Monetary Trends are similar to those made last year to its sister publication, National Economic Trends. For a free subscription to either publication, contact Debbie Dawe of the St. Louis Fed's Public Affairs Department by phone at (314) 444-8809 or by e-mail at Debbie.J.Dawe@stls.frb.org.

The publications, as well as their underlying data, are also available electronically through the St. Louis Fed's home page, which is at www.stls.frb.org.

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