We Are Central Profile: Meet Delano Mosley

September 26, 2018

At the St. Louis Fed, new chapters are being written in our story every day by employees in every division, department and unit. Our We Are Central profile series introduces you to some of the people who help make our Bank central. Today, we feature Delano Mosley, a senior clerk in Support Services.

Delano Mosley | St. Louis Fed

Delano Mosley

Delano says she “always wanted to work for the Federal Reserve.” She joined the St. Louis Fed’s Check department about a decade ago, and then switched to a different position when the Fed System consolidated check operations in Atlanta and Cleveland.

She now works as a senior clerk as part of a group that supports important internal services. It allows her to channel her own excitement in joining the Bank toward serving as the face of the Fed to new employees.

Why did you decide to work for the Fed?

I’ve always wanted to work for the Federal Reserve. I’ve been in banking a majority of my career, and I would always see the Federal Reserve Bank going to different places. I would stop and look and say, “Man, I want to work there one day.” And, lo and behold, I got the opportunity and here I am.

I put my resume out and I was open to anything; again, I just really wanted to work for the Federal Reserve. So when they called me, it was for a job in the Check department, and that’s where I started my career here.

What are your key responsibilities at the Bank?

I have knowledge of a lot of different things, but my main function is to run background checks, as well as processing new employees that come into Human Resources on their first day.

What do you enjoy most about being central in your role?

What I enjoy most is there is never a dull moment. Every day is different. While the job duties itself are the same, it’s always a new adventure. I enjoy meeting people and interacting with different people from other Feds, as well as meeting new employees on their first day and seeing how nervous they are waiting to get their pictures taken and badges printed.

I like the fact that I interact with a lot of different people across the Federal Reserve System; I enjoy that. When one of the other regional Reserve Banks needed help with a new system, they reached out to me to help guide them along with their transition.

If there’s an internal [employee] transfer, I just make sure that their transition from their district to our district is a smooth transition without issues or challenges. If there are issues, they won’t know about it—we work them out behind the scenes.

A lot of times, I will get emails or instant messages from people who say, “I was referred to you to answer this particular question.” I’m the type of person who doesn’t just do a job, I try to understand it. I try to understand how my piece of the pie affects others before it comes to me and after it comes to me to get a better understanding of how the function works as a whole, so I can answer questions and feel confident in my answer when I give it. I like troubleshooting.

What do you enjoy outside the Bank?

In the summertime, I enjoy being outside. I enjoy long walks. I also like reading and photography.

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Laura Hopper
Laura J. Hopper

Laura Hopper is the St. Louis Fed's employee ambassador coordinator. She works in the External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division.

Laura Hopper
Laura J. Hopper

Laura Hopper is the St. Louis Fed's employee ambassador coordinator. She works in the External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division.

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