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Teachers Tour St. Louis Fed’s Economy Museum


Teachers from the greater St. Louis area stopped by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis recently for the first-ever Museum Econ Ed Teacher Open House.

Teachers previewed the museum and learned how field trips complement their economics, government, math and personal finance curriculum. Teachers also learned more about the award-winning Econ Ed from the St. Louis Fed curriculum.

“The open house was an opportunity for teachers familiar with our economic education resources to check out what the Inside the Economy Museum can offer as a supplemental field trip,” said Mary Suiter, assistant vice president and economic education officer at the St. Louis Fed. “In turn, teachers who are planning field trips to the museum, learned more about our award-winning lessons they can use in their classrooms year round.”

The museum is the perfect field trip for students from 5th grade through college because the St. Louis Fed has educational tools for students of all ages.

“We had a great event where we were able to speak with teachers one-on-one about how a field trip to the museum can benefit their students and how our free resources could be used in the classroom both before and after their visit,” said Tom Shepherd, museum director.

For more information about booking a field trip to the Inside the Economy Museum, visit

For more information about Econ Ed at the St. Louis Fed, visit

Inside the Economy Museum Associate Specialist Andrew McGarrahan (right) informs teachers about the benefits of booking a field trip to one of the nation’s premiere economy museums.