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Ray Dillon Rejoins St. Louis Fed’s Industry Councils as a Real Estate Member


ST. LOUIS—Ray Dillon, retired president and CEO of Deltic Timber Corp., has rejoined the St. Louis Fed’s Industry Councils.  Dillon previously served as a member of the Agribusiness Industry Council for three years, starting in 2009.  He also is chairman of the St. Louis Fed’s Little Rock, Ark., board of directors. His board service, which started in 2011, will end later this year.   

The St. Louis Fed created four District Industry Councils in 2006, each designed to provide the Fed with important feedback regarding economic conditions within a key Eighth District industry sector. The members’ observations—along with the economic data and information developed through the Federal Reserve Board's Beige Book and meetings of the Reserve Bank’s boards of directors—help ensure that conditions of Main Street America are represented in monetary policy deliberations in Washington.

Each council is supported by one of four of the Reserve Bank’s offices: St. Louis (real estate); Little Rock (agribusiness); Louisville, Ky. (health care); and Memphis, Tenn. (transportation). The councils meet twice a year.