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New Economic Mobility Publication Released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Economic mobility is the subject of a new publication released by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Economic Mobility: Research & Ideas on Strengthening Families, Communities & the Economy explores a range of issues and concepts central to understanding how—and how well—people are able to move up the economic ladder.

The publication includes:

  • a foreword by Janet Yellen, chair of the Board of Governors;  
  • an introduction by Ray Boshara, of the St. Louis Fed, and David Buchholz, of the Board; and
  • perspectives on economic mobility from Lael Brainard, of the Board; Raj Chetty, of Stanford University; Katherine S. Newman, of the University of Massachusetts Amherst; Joseph Stiglitz, of the Roosevelt Institute and Columbia University; and Scott Winship, of the Manhattan Institute.

The main themes of this publication include:

  • economic mobility from an individual and family perspective;
  • the role of communities in fostering mobility; and
  • the interplay between individual mobility and overall economic growth.

The publication is available now and can be viewed separately by article or downloaded in its entirety on the St. Louis Fed’s website.

Media interested in additional information should contact Maria Hasenstab at 314-444-8321 or