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Delta Challenges, Opportunities Kick Off Regional Meeting Series


A series of forums on the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta region kicks off next week. The meetings are intended to strengthen communities across the region by building awareness of promising tools and strategies for community and economic development.

The first session of the Delta Communities project, set for June 9-10, will focus on gathering views and information about local issues. The meetings are hosted by the Community Development department of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which addresses challenges confronting low- and moderate-income communities in the Federal Reserve’s Eighth District.

“The St. Louis Fed is coming alongside Delta leaders to help them identify opportunities to advance their communities and to connect them to resources that can assist them in putting their ideas into action,” said Daniel Davis, St. Louis Fed’s Community Development manager. “By fostering stronger communities, the entire Delta region will benefit.”

The meetings will feature presentations from St. Louis Fed staff and regional and national representatives with experience in building and sustaining community and economic development efforts.

Participants include representatives from financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, chambers of commerce, government entities and other local leaders. While the first six forums will take place in Greenwood, Miss., and Helena, Ark., representatives will include leaders from communities across the Delta region. These convenings are designed to be similar in format and content, so participants will attend either the Greenwood or the Helena event.

The meeting schedule includes:

  • Identifying Challenges and Opportunities through Data and Dialogue 
    June 9 – Greenwood, Miss. | June 10 – Helena, Ark.
  • Understanding the Credit Environment for Small-Business Development and Expansion
    Aug. 11 – Greenwood | Aug. 12 – Helena
  • Building the Right Team and Relationships for Community and Economic Development
    Sept. 15 – Greenwood | Sept. 16 – Helena
  • Making a Plan for Financing Community and Economic Development
    Oct. 20 – Greenwood | Oct. 21 – Helena
  • Sourcing Financial Resources for Community and Economic Development
    Dec. 1 – Greenwood | Dec. 2 – Helena
  • Tapping the Community Reinvestment Act for Community and Economic Development
    Jan. 19 – Greenwood | Jan. 20 – Helena

Media interested in additional information or who would like to attend should contact Maria Hasenstab at 314-444-8321 or