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St. Louis Fed Releases New and Improved FRED iOS App


ST. LOUIS – FRED® (short for Federal Reserve Economic Data), the signature economic database of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, has a new and improved app for the iPhone and iPad that makes it easier for users to take the economy with them wherever they go.

Version 3.0 of the iOS app sports several new features. Users can now:

  • share favorites, saved graphs and data lists across devices and the website;
  • access The FRED Blog; and
  • download data.

Version 3.0 also allows for better graph customization and enhanced search functionality.

The new FRED app and a video preview of it are available in the iTunes App Store.

The new version maintains the same benefits as previous versions. Users still have full access to more than 264,000 economic data series from 79 regional, national and international sources.

Users can also still:

  • browse for data by category, release, source and popularity or search by keywords or series ID;
  • view and create custom graphs;
  • store favorite data series for quick and easy access;
  • share favorite data series or graphs via email or post them directly to Twitter or Facebook; and
  • receive the latest news on new data series, updates and St. Louis Fed economic research.

Android users can enjoy FRED on the go by downloading the Android app from Google Play. The Android version has not yet received the same updates as the iOS app, but there are plans for improvements.

If you have questions about using the new iOS app, contact the FRED team at 314-444-3767 or For interviews or other inquiries, contact Laura Girresch at 314-444-6166 or