Articles and Papers

The articles and papers listed here cover aspects of the financial crisis and represent a range of opinions and analysis. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis does not endorse the views presented in these articles or papers.

Challenges for monetary policy in EMU
by Axel Weber
in Homer Jones Memorial Lecture, April 2011

Bundesbank President discussed the financial crisis and its lessons for monetary policy in a lecture at the St. Louis Fed.

The Federal Reserve's Asset Purchase Program
by Janet Yellen
in Speech at the The Brimmer Policy Forum, Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, January 2011

Yellen discusses the rationale for the decision by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in November 2010 to initiate a new program of asset purchases, and addresses questions (FAQs) regarding the program's economic and financial effects both in the U.S. and abroad.

Implementing a Macroprudential Approach to Supervision and Regulation
by Ben S. Bernanke
in Federal Reserve Board of Governors Speech, May 2011

Speech at the 47th Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, Chicago, Illinois

Improving the International Monetary and Financial System
by Janet L. Yellen
in Speech at the Banque de France International Symposium, Paris, France, March 2011

In this speech Yellen contributes her thoughts on steps we can take to improve our international economic order. In the case of the recent global financial crisis and recession, she apportions responsibility to inadequacies in both the monetary and financial systems.

Putting the Low Road Behind Us
by Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin
in Speech at the 2011 Midwinter Housing Finance Conference, Park City, Utah, February 2011

In this speech Governor Raskin shares some thoughts about the powerful impact the housing and mortgage markets have on the nation's economic recovery, presents some ideas to effect positive change in the mortgage servicing industry, and finally imparts a guiding principle that should help us find our way through the current struggles and drive the ...  

Reaping the Full Benefits of Financial Openness
by Yellen, Janet L.
in Federal Reserve Board of Governors Speech, May 2011

Speech at the Bank of Finland 200th Anniversary Conference, Helsinki, Finland

Regulating Systemic Risk
by Governor Daniel K. Tarullo
in Speech at the 2011 Credit Markets Symposium, Charlotte, North Carolina, March 2011

This speech addresses the implementation of the new statutory regime for special supervision and regulation of financial institutions whose stress or failure could pose a risk to financial stability.

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