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FRED Interactives

FRED Interactives are online modules that teach data literacy and economic content at the same time. Students learn how to build and customize FRED graphs and then interpret the data–all within the Econ Lowdown Teacher Portal.

FRED Interactive: Information Literacy

Students practice information literacy skills related to three threshold concepts: Searching as strategic exploration, information has value, and research as inquiry.

Learn more about the FRED Interactive: Information Literacy for teachers and students.

FRED Interactive: Comparative Advantage

Students compare manufacturing unit labor costs across countries. These costs help us quantify the comparative advantage of the United States relative to other countries.

Learn more about the FRED Interactive: Comparative Advantage for teachers and students.

FRED Interactive: Nominal and Real Wages

Students compare the nominal value of the federally mandated minimum wage with its inflation-adjusted real value.

Learn more about the FRED Interactive: Nominal and Real Wages for teachers and students.


Keeping It Real: Teach ACRL Information Literacy Frames with FRED Data

This lesson plan is designed to supplement the “FRED Interactive: Information Literacy” online course.

Learn more about the lesson plan.

Bring Data into Your Classroom: A Tutorial for using FRED Interactives and FREDcast

In this session of the Econ Lowdown webinar series, presenters from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis discuss strategies for using data in the classroom as an effective way to make content relevant in a variety of subjects.

Learn more and watch video from the webinar.

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Audience:   High School, College
Language:   English
Subjects:   Economics, AP, Data Literacy
Resource Types:   Data, Charts/Graphs, Online Course
Concepts:   Money, Inflation/Deflation, Trade/International Trade, Productivity