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Econ Lowdown Webinar Series

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The Econ Lowdown webinar series enables educators from across the country to connect with economic and personal finance education specialists and other experts at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and at other Reserve banks. Teachers and administrators can hear about and discuss content and materials for improving classroom instruction in personal finance and economics. The session topics vary and are targeted to K-16 educators.

Watch video archive from past webinars:

•  Episode 1: Tools for Teaching Economic and Financial Literacy

•  Episode 2: Spring Forward with New K-12 Online Learning Resources

•  Episode 3: FRED Data and GeoFRED Mapping for your Classroom

•  Episode 4: FREDcast: A New Forecasting Game for the Classroom

•  Episode 5: FRASER in the Classroom: Teach U.S. History Using Primary Documents

•  Episode 6: Using Children's Literature to Teach Financial Literacy

•  Episode 7: Teach the Revised Missouri Personal Finance Standards with Econ Lowdown

•  Episode 8: Bring Data into Your Classroom: A Tutorial for using FRED Interactives and FREDcast

•  Episode 9: Reading Q&A = Relevant Classroom Content + Built-in Assessment

Teachers: Learn even more about our resources with the Classroom ECONnections from the Fed webinar series.

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