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Student board members featured in St. Louis Review
Economic education officer Mary Suiter and Catholic high school students serving on the student board of directors were interviewed for a feature article in the St. Louis Review, the publication of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Read the Aug. 10, 2017, article: Catholic school students bank on Fed experience.

Local publications announce new student board members
New members of the St. Louis Fed’s student board of directors were featured in the following publications:

Kiddynomics highlighted in Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Econ Lowdown’s Kiddynomics, which teaches pre-school students across Arkansas about personal finance and economic concepts, was featured in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on April 26, 2017: Kiddynomics in action.

Econ Lowdown Kiddynomics lesson featured in video, online poster
The Early Childhood Initiatives Center for the Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center created a video and online poster documenting the success of integrating Econ Lowdown’s Kiddynomics lesson plan in early childhood centers across northwest Arkansas. Nearly 2,700 pre-schoolers in 49 classrooms were introduced to basic personal finance and economics concepts through a 2016 pilot program. Check out the online poster PDF and watch the Kiddynomics Curriculum video.

Business Journal features Page One Economics article on Sports Stadium Subsidies
In its May 31st edition, the St. Louis Business Journal highlighted the Page One Economics article, The Economics of Subsidizing Sports Stadiums. Read the Business Journal story here: What the St. Louis Fed says about taxpayer funding of stadiums.

Financial Literacy Op-eds Published in Local Newspapers
To recognize Financial Literacy Month, representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis wrote op-eds to draw attention to how collective personal finance decision making can affect the economy as a whole. Read:

College students make economic forecasts
Illinois Wesleyan University students are playing FREDcast and learning more about the economy. Read the March 24, 2017, story here: Economics Students Top Leaderboard in Forecasting Game.

News agency profiles FREDcast, Econ Lowdown
An Agence France-Presse (AFP) feature about the St. Louis Fed’s forecasting game FREDcast quoted Mary Suiter, economic education officer at the St. Louis Fed, on Feb. 18, 2017. Read the article: Fantasy league aims to lure U.S. students to economics.

WalletHub features Suiter in Ask the Experts
Mary Suiter gave straight answers about 0 percent interest credit cards for the personal finance website WalletHub. Read all about it in Ask the Experts.

FREDcast featured in Post-Dispatch
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s David Nicklaus wrote Jan. 27, 2017, about the St. Louis Fed’s FREDcast, a forecasting game for students, teachers and anyone else interested in forecasting key economic indicators. Read the article: St. Louis Fed launches new forecasting game.

Former student board member featured in St. Louis American
Arlington Foster, a former member of the St. Louis Fed’s student board of directors, was featured in a Jan. 26, 2017, article in the St. Louis American. Read the article: Student board service at Fed leads to interest in business, applications accepted through Feb. 17.

Bloomberg features Page One Economics, Wolla
A Bloomberg Markets preview of Chair Janet Yellen’s Teacher Town Hall featured Econ Lowdown’s Page One Economics publication and Scott Wolla, senior economic education specialist. Read the Jan. 10, 2017, article: Ahead of Yellen’s Teacher Town Hall, a Look at Education Economics.

Little Rock business publication interviews Bertelsen
Kris Bertelsen, economic education specialist at the Little Rock Branch of the St. Louis Fed, highlighted the Conversation with the Chair event in a December interview with Talk Business & Politics. Read the article: Little Rock event allows teachers to listen to Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch column features Suiter, Econ Lowdown
Mary Suiter, economic education officer at the St. Louis Fed, was interviewed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jim Gallagher and featured in his column Sept. 4, 2016. Read the article Lessons from a cheapskate dad.

Suiter, Econ Lowdown featured in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Economic Education Officer Mary Suiter and her department's Parent Q&A Resources were featured in the STL Moms & Dads section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Read the article Bank on a good story to learn about finance.

Financial Literacy Op-eds Published in Local Newspapers
To recognize April as Financial Literacy Month, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis vice presidents wrote op-eds to draw attention to the importance of teaching children about economics and personal finance. Read:

  • Economic Education Officer Mary Suiter's editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
  • Little Rock Regional Executive Robert Hopkins' editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
  • Louisville Regional Executive Nikki Jackson's editorial in The Courier-Journal, and
  • Memphis Regional Executive Douglas Scarboro's editorial in The Commercial Appeal.

Econ Lowdown Featured in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A series of four Econ Lowdown articles ran in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as part of the Newspapers in Education section, which incorporates newspapers in middle and high school lessons. The Money Smart Students series sheds light on economic topics as part of Financial Literacy Month. The series includes:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Features Parent Q&As
Home and family editor Aisha Sultan wrote about the Parent Q&A Resources in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Read the article: The Federal Reserve Bank gives parents a way to teach kids smart personal finance.

Suiter Discusses Parent Resources in St. Louis Magazine
Economic Education Officer Mary Suiter spoke about the Parent Q&A Resources in a St. Louis Magazine article. The Inside the Economy® Museum also was featured. Read the article, featured in the Family section of the magazine: Bunnies, Money, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

St. Louis Business Journal Quotes Econ Ed Officer
Mary Suiter, St. Louis Fed economic education officer, was quoted in a St. Louis Business Journal article about the Econ Lowdown videos used to create a digital pamphlet for the Boy Scouts of America's personal management merit badge. Read the article: Earn a Boy Scout merit badge with St. Louis Fed.

Econ Lowdown Videos Used in Boy Scouts Merit Badge Pamphlet
The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts recently blogged about how the Boy Scouts of America, with the help of the St. Louis Fed's Econ Ed department and several of Econ Lowdown's videos, helped the national organization create a new digital pamphlet for its Personal Management merit badge. Read the blog: St. Louis Helps BSA with Digital Merit Badge Pamphlet

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