Taking the Measure of St. Louis

Oct. 5, 2016, 6:30-8 p.m. CT | St. Louis
Kevin Kliesen and Charles Gascon

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By population, the St. Louis area is the 20th largest in the United States, but size, geographic location and historical significance tend to be of secondary importance when gauging a city's economic performance over time. Over the last several years, St. Louis has done well by some economic measures, and not so well by others.

Overall, how well does St. Louis stack up? In the next installment of our evening lecture series, business economist Kevin Kliesen and regional economist Charles Gascon will look at a wide variety of economic measures beyond the headline numbers. Kliesen, an officer with the St. Louis Fed's Research Division, will compare the metro area with the nation overall, and Gascon, a senior coordinator with the division, will provide an overview of St. Louis compared with other cities.

After their presentations, Kliesen and Gascon will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Cletus Coughlin, an economist, senior vice president and chief of staff to St. Louis Fed President and CEO James Bullard.

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