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Upcoming Event: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Central Banks

6:30-8 p.m. Central | Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018 | St. Louis

Livestream It Here

David Andolfatto

David Andolfatto

Cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Bitcoin. We frequently come across these terms in newscasts and in financial publications but don't always understand how they relate to one another. We see how quickly technology advances, and know that the way we purchase goods and services may be totally different in the future. We hear about the possibility of central banks entering the cryptocurrency game at some point, and wonder how that will that impact our payment system.

Economist David Andolfatto, vice president of research at the St. Louis Fed, will help satisfy your curiosity about cryptocurrency. He will discuss the basics of blockchain technology, which is the underlying structure for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Additional topics will include the role of central bank-issued digital currency and the impact it could have on our current payment system and on the global economy.

Registration for the Aug. 29 event is currently full. Please bookmark this webpage to tune in for the livestream.

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