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Foreclosure Resource Center

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In 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, along with other regional Banks, created customized Foreclosure Resource Centers to provide local constituents and consumers with easy access to information on foreclosure-related resources. Each Bank has continued to enhance these centers to increase and improve content, which includes the addition of the Foreclosure Mitigation Toolkit, which provides detailed steps and information for localities seeking to develop foreclosure prevention activities of their own. The toolkit was recently expanded to include a Foreclosure Recovery Resource Guide to assist consumers who have gone through the foreclosure process.


Research and Publications


A quarterly review of regional community development issues, projects and regulatory changes for lenders and community groups. | Current Issue

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The Regional Economist

A quarterly publication that addresses national and regional economic issues. | Current issue

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A scholarly journal of articles about national and international economic developments. | Current issue

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Central Banker

A quarterly overview of Fed policies, initiatives and news affecting financial institutions in the Eighth District. | Current issue

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Additional St. Louis Fed Publications

Regional Reserve Banks

View additional foreclosure alleviation information from other Federal Reserve Banks across the country.