Structure Reporting

The St. Louis Fed's Structure unit is responsible for structure maintenance for all holding companies, depository institutions and nonbank subsidiaries within the Eighth District. Through the collection and analysis of these transactions, the National Information Center (NIC) database is continuously updated. A significant portion of structure data maintained on the NIC is obtained from information reported on the following reports:

FR Y-10 Report of Changes in Organizational Structure — is a mandatory report that provides data on organizational structural changes. The report is event-generated and is required to be filed with the appropriate Federal Reserve bank within 30 calendar days of the change. Respondents required to complete the FR Y-10 are:

  • top-tier bank holding companies (BHCs), including financial holding companies;
  • top-tier savings and loan holding companies (SLHCs)
  • Foreign Banking Organizations (FBOs), both qualifying and nonqualifying, whether or not a BHC;
  • state member banks that are not controlled by a BHC or an FBO;
  • Edge and agreement corporations that are not controlled by a member bank, a domestic BHC, or an FBO;
  • National banks that are not controlled by a BHC, with regard to their foreign investments only.

FR Y-10 Online — is a web-based electronic alternative to assist institutions in filing the FR Y-10 Report of Changes in Organizational Structure. Respondents will need to complete a User Account request form to obtain a login ID and password. A copy of the request form is located on the FR Y-10 Online website. Please send your completed User Account request form to the Structure Staff.

The Annual Report of Holding Companies (FR Y-6) is a mandatory report filed by all top-tier holding companies. All FR Y-6 respondents must submit a copy of their organizational chart, an annual verification of domestic branches within the organization, and information on the identity, percentage of ownership and business interests of principal shareholders, directors and executive staff. A holding company that prepares an annual report for its shareholders and is not registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) must submit a copy of the annual report with the FR Y-6. The FR Y-6 is filed annually, no later than 90 calendar days after the holding company's fiscal year-end.

FR Y-7 Annual Report of Foreign Banking Organizations — is a mandatory report filed by foreign banking organizations (FBOs) that have a U.S. banking presence. The FR Y-7 requires financial statements, organizational structure and shareholder information, and data on the eligibility to be a qualified FBO as defined in Regulation K. The FR Y-7 is filed annually, no later than four months after the FBO's fiscal year-end.