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Application Filing Information

Contains general information about the types of filings required by the Federal Reserve and how they are processed. Banking organizations are generally required to notify the Federal Reserve or seek its approval before acquiring banks or companies or engaging in new activities.

Application Filing Information

Submitting Formal Applications and Other Transactions

The Board of Governors' website contains various forms for filing banking applications, including:

  • certain state member bank transactions, e.g., membership and bank mergers,
  • bank holding company formation and expansion proposals,
  • bank holding company nonbanking activity proposals and
  • other bank holding company transactions, e.g., change in control, FIRREA and international transactions.

Other Transactions: To provide applicants maximum flexibility and minimum burden, the Federal Reserve System has not established formal application forms for various banking proposals. Instead, the System allows constituents to submit information in a letter format for the following transactions.

Formal Applications and Other Transactions
BHC State Member Bank
Proposal type Regulation/section Proposal type Regulation/section
Financial Holding Company declaration Reg. Y, 225.82 Establishing branches Reg. H, 208.6
Stock redemption Reg. Y, 225.4(b) also Appendix C - waiver of stock redemption filing Investment in premises (in some instances)

Reg. H, 208.21

Qualified family partnership Bank Holding Company Act, 2(o)(10) Payment of dividends (in some instances) Reg. H, 208.5
Application waiver request for bank or BHC acquisition Reg. Y, 225.12(d) Trust activities Reg. H, 208.3(d)(2)
Establish financial subsidiary Reg. H, 208.76


E-Apps LogoThe Federal Reserve System has launched Electronic Applications—or E-Apps—a new web-based system that allows banking organizations supervised by the Federal Reserve System to file applications electronically.

Applications can be submitted directly by the filing institution or indirectly through its authorized representatives. E-Apps offers filers greater security than is available with e-mail or a courier service. In addition, E-Apps saves time and eliminates the cost associated with producing and shipping multiple copies of applications to your Reserve bank.

See the Board of Governors' website for additional information. Have questions about E-Apps? Contact Paul Lippold at 314-444-8643.

Banking Markets & HHI

CASSIDICASSIDI®, Competitive Analysis and Structure Source Instrument for Depository Institutions, is the St. Louis Fed's banking market structure and competitive analysis online application. Through CASSIDI, users are able to view banking market structures and definitions, view the banking markets a particular depository institution operates in, and perform "what if" (pro forma) analyses to determine the potential changes a merger or acquisition could have to banking market structures and competition.

CASSIDI strives to be the one-stop shop for your banking competition information needs. CASSIDI contains information for the entire country and is updated regularly.

CASSIDI also offers an array of mapping options, enabling you, for example, to view banking market boundaries, find depository institutions and compare market concentrations across banking markets. (These features are currently being developed.)


Notices and Applications Filed or in Process 

Notices and Applications Filed (H.2 Release)—Contains the index of H.2 Releases, which are weekly reports that list applications received by the various Federal Reserve banks during a specified week. The H.2 is updated every Monday.

The H.2 Release also:

  • lists the end of the public comment period for each application;
  • provides information about actions taken by the Board, its staff and the Federal Reserve banks on applications for which processing has been completed; and
  • identifies Community Reinvestment Act ratings and evaluations for state member banks that were recently made available to the public.

Updates to Notices and Applications Filed (H.2A Release)—Contains the index of H.2A Releases, miniature versions of the H.2 Release. The H.2A release lists all applications that have been sent to the Federal Register for publication, along with the end of the public comment period specified in the Federal Register for that particular application. It is posted each Friday and is updated at least every three days.


Applications Acted on by the Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors 

Actions Taken by the Reserve Banks under Delegated Authority—Provides a chronological list of actions taken by each Reserve bank under delegated authority. The action letter issued by the Reserve bank also may be viewed from this list.

Orders Issued by the Board of Governors and Its Staff on Banking Applications—Provides a chronological list of orders issued by the Board of Governors and its staff under delegated authority on banking applications or other related matters. To view the press release and order issued by the Board in connection with a particular banking application, please refer to a separate index, Board orders.

The Board of Governors has delegated authority for acting on certain types of proposals to the following individuals:

  • the Secretary of the Board of Governors,
  • the General Counsel of the Legal Division and
  • the Division Director of Banking Supervision and Regulation.
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