Application Filings and Notices

The Applications unit within the Supervision, Credit, and Learning Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is responsible for processing various types of applications received from bank holding companies, savings and loan holding companies, state member banks, and institution-affiliated parties.

Application Filing Types and Resources

Filing Types and Forms

To provide applicants maximum flexibility and minimum burden, the Federal Reserve System has not established formal application forms for certain banking proposals. Instead, the System allows constituents to submit information in a letter format. To determine whether a formal application form is required for a proposal, locate the proposal type using the above links and refer to the “Required Information” or “Required Form” section of the selected proposal.

Competitive Analysis and Structure Source Instrument (CASSIDI)

As an additional resource for determining Banking Market Definitions, the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank created CASSIDI, a resource that provides banking market definitions as well as a tool to calculate how a potential merger transaction would change a banking market’s concentration. Users are able to search for and view banking markets, find banking market concentrations, and perform “what if” analyses on banking market structures.

Federal Reserve Notices and Press Releases

Application Submission

FedEZFile LogoOn October 17, 2022, the Federal Reserve released FedEZFile to facilitate application filing and processing. FedEZFile is strongly recommended as the most efficient method of filing applications.

FedEZFile is a cloud-based platform utilizing, a secure sign-in service run by the federal government, which allows individuals to use a single username and password to access participating government agency websites. With an authorized account, users can upload and access relevant documents, view and download Federal Reserve-generated documents, and identify Federal Reserve staff assigned to the filing. Applications can be submitted directly by the filing institution or indirectly through its authorized representatives.

Log in to or register for FedEZFile here.

FedEZFile FluentFedEZFile Fluent contains video tutorials and quick reference guides, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to register for FedEZFile, submit an application, and access filing information on the dashboard. FedEZFile Fluent does not require registration to access.

Access FedEZFile Fluent here.

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