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Diana A. Cooke

Research Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Publications & Resources

  • Regional vs. Global: How Are Countries' Business Cycles Moving Together These Days?

    April 2015 | Regional Economist

    Some countries’ business cycles are in sync with the world’s, while other countries’ cycles follow the ups and downs just of their neighbors’. This regional connection is even more prevalent if a region is defined not by geography but by common cultures and institutions.

  • The Ups and Downs of Inflation and the Role of Fed Credibility

    April 2014 | Regional Economist

    This look at interest rates and inflation in the U.S. over the past 50 years helps to clarify ideas about the Fed’s monetary policy and its own credibility. The authors examine three periods corresponding to three different policies: when the Fed operated without credibility, when it was earning credibility and when it was operating with credibility.

  • Metro Profile: After Stalling, Recovery Resumes in St. Louis

    April 2014 | Regional Economist

    Despite lagging nation, St. Louis economy recovers in 2014, led by health care and financial service sectors. Housing struggles, but population growth improves.