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Economic Literacy for Life

Economic Literacy for Life: Today's Lessons=Tomorrow's Financial Stability and Success

The heart of our 2016 annual report is a series of essays about the importance of educating one and all about the basics of economics and personal finance. The essays were written by the St. Louis Fed’s leader of this education initiative, Mary Suiter, and her staff. Besides detailing the need for this sort of education for people of all ages, the articles explore the many resources that the St. Louis Fed has that make for easy learning on these topics, whether in the classroom, at home or in the office. The accompanying short videos and podcasts—accessible in our online annual report—show how people are doing just that.

The annual report also includes messages from the chair of our board of directors, Kathleen Mazzarella, and from our president and CEO, James Bullard. Mazzarella writes of the culture of the St. Louis Fed – a culture that led to its being named a top workplace. Bullard talks about the leadership of the St. Louis Fed in the Federal Reserve System when it comes to developing programs that enhance financial literacy and economic education. As a monetary policymaker, he points out that this type of education benefits the economy overall, not just individuals.

Elsewhere in this annual report, photos and “by the numbers” tell the story of the St. Louis Fed’s work and people.

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Published April 19, 2017

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