Kathleen O. Paese

Kathy Paese has more than 30 years of experience with the Federal Reserve System, most at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Ms. Paese serves as first vice president (FVP), chief operating officer and Federal Reserve System Treasury product director. In her current role, Ms. Paese acts as the chair of the St. Louis Fed’s Management Committee.

Prior to becoming FVP, she was the executive vice president over the Treasury Division, providing oversight and direction to the Treasury Relations and Support Office (TRSO), and 14 operational/technical services that the Eighth District provides to the U.S. Treasury. The TRSO has national responsibility for managing the relationship between the Federal Reserve System and the financial bureaus of the U.S. Treasury, and for coordinating and monitoring all of the Federal Reserve System’s Treasury support functions. In her prior capacity, Ms. Paese had oversight responsibilities for all the District’s support for the U.S. Treasury across a broad portfolio of business lines including IT, operations, accounting, cash management, improper payment, electronic invoicing, collateral and intra-governmental payment functions. In addition to her Treasury responsibilities, Ms. Paese was the leader and executive sponsor for the Fed System’s Financial Services Risk Leadership team, helping ensure that significant risks to all the System’s financial services were identified and effectively managed.

Prior to her roles in support of the Treasury, Ms. Paese held a variety of positions in the Bank’s operations, Public Affairs and Business Development functions.

Ms. Paese received her bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Business’ Executive Leadership Program at Northwestern University. She is married and has two children.

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