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Posted: 10/31/2006
Fed resource: The Story of Money
Short description: Create a top ten list of questions to ask a guest
Lesson time: 60 minutes
Materials: One copy of The Story of Money for each student in a reading group
Audience: Elementary School
Grades: 4, 5
Subjects: Money and Banking
Concepts: Money and Banking - Money
Documents: None

1. Invite a speaker to talk with the class about money.

2. Prior to the speakers’ visit, have the students do an activity with the booklet, The Story of Money, during reading groups. I use this activity with three groups.

3. While you are working with one reading group, another reading group is working on their independent reading assignment. The third group will do the following with The Story of Money.

o Distribute a copy of The Story of Money to each student in the group.

o On their own, the students read the comic book The Story of Money.

o As students read, they develop questions to ask the speaker.

o The group identifies its top five questions

4. After each group has had a chance to read the comic book and develop questions, have the groups share their top five questions with the class. Then as a class, narrow the list to the top 10 questions about money.

5. As a whole class, create a “Top Ten Questions About Money” list on chart paper to have up when the speaker arrives.

6. If time permits, share the list with the speaker in advance so that he or she can be prepared to answer these questions.

Submitted by: Mindy Semple
Wildwood Middle School