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Economists Write about the Phaseout of QE, Terrorism and Trade, FOMC Dissents, and More

3Q 2014 Review

The new issue of the Review, our research journal, includes articles that look forward (the exit from quantitative easing) and backward (FOMC dissents between 1936 and 2013). Some of the articles are U.S.-focused, while others have a global perspective – such as the look at terrorism’s impact on trade and the examination of economies that are experiencing low inflation. In addition, this issue includes an article on liquidity, based on the Homer Jones Memorial Lecture this year, by Nobel laureate Robert E. Lucas Jr.


From the President

July 17, 2014

“Fed Goals and the Policy Stance”


St. Louis Fed President James Bullard discussed the FOMC's macroeconomic goals and the stance of monetary policy during a Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce event. He noted that the macroeconomic goals are close to being met; however, the monetary policy settings are far from normal. While this mismatch is not currently causing macroeconomic problems, President Bullard said it takes a long time to normalize policy and the mismatch may cause problems in the years ahead as the economy continues to expand.

News Release | Presentation (PDF)

July 2014

“Tapering and Other Key Topics in U.S. Monetary Policy”

In The Regional Economist, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard shared his views on tapering, the weak first-quarter GDP, developments in the labor market and inflation, and international monetary policy coordination. President Bullard said one welcome development so far this year has been that the Fed’s tapering process has gone relatively smoothly in terms of market reaction.


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