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Posted: 11/14/2007
Fed resource: Building Wealth
Short description: The Money Circle
Lesson time: 45 minutes
Materials: Limited Internet access
Audience: High School
Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
Subjects: Economics, Federal Reserve, Money and Banking, Personal Finance
Concepts: Economics - Opportunity Cost
Federal Reserve - FOMC, Function of the Federal Reserve, Monetary Policy, Monetary Policy Tools, Structure of the Federal Reserve
Money and Banking - Banks, Barter, Interest, Money, Saving
Personal Finance - Borrowing, Credit, Goal setting, Human Capital, Income, Rule of 72, Saving, Spending
Documents: None
The Money Circle is a nine-lesson, classroom-ready curriculum series featuring money, economics and personal finance concepts for secondary students.
Submitted by: Gigi Wolf
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City