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Posted: 07/23/2007
Fed resource: Building Wealth
Short description: Using simulations, online calculators and other hands-on activities, students will be introduced to concepts such as net worth, compound interest, the rule of 72 and wealth-building strategies.
Lesson time: 90 minutes
Materials: See attached lesson plan.
Audience: High School, College (Undergrad)
Grades: 10, 11, 12, 12+
Subjects: Money and Banking, Personal Finance
Concepts: Money and Banking - Borrowing, Interest, Saving
Personal Finance - Banks, Borrowing, Credit, Goal setting, Income, Inflation, Rule of 72, Saving, Spending
Documents: Building Wealth Lesson Plan for Tips and Tools.doc
See attached lesson plan.
Submitted by: Dawn Conner
FRB St. Louis