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Posted: 01/12/2007
Fed resource: The Story of Money
Short description: Group discussion questions
Lesson time: 120+ minutes
Materials: One copy of The Story of Money for each student in a reading group
Audience: Middle School
Grades: 8
Subjects: Money and Banking
Concepts: Money and Banking - Barter, Money
Documents: discussion_handouts.pdf  |  discussion_answers.pdf
For the first hour:
1. Divide the students into five groups
2. Cut the handout apart and give each group a set of questions.
3. Allow time for students to read the comic book, The Story of Money, and find answers to their questions. Tell the students that they may use a dictionary to define terms not defined in the comic book.
4. When groups have had time to read and answer their questions, ask them to discuss the answers and clarify for one another as needed.
For the second hour:
1. Reassign the students to new groups such that each new group has one representative from each of the original groups—so there are 5 members in each of the new groups.
2. Tell the new groups that each member of the group must explain the answer to the questions his or her original group was assigned. All members of the new groups should end up with answers to all questions.
3. Distribute a copy of the question handout to each student. Tell students that as group members discuss their assigned questions, students may record answers on the handout. Students may refer to the comic books for clarification.
4. Conduct a class discussion reviewing the answers to all questions and identifying important economic content such as, barter, the three functions of money (medium of exchange, store of value, standard of valued), and the characteristics of a good medium of exchange (generally acceptable, durable, portable, divisible, and relatively scarce).
Submitted by: Mindy Semple
Wildwood Middle School